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male u17 european championship ITALY IS THE NEW MALE U17 EUROPEAN CHAMPION Italy wins the gold medal winning with Spain 1-0 at the extra time. Portugal wins the bronze medal after defeating France 2-0. Switzerland wins 5-3 against Andorra and ends at the 5th place. Germany wins 6-2 against England and ends at the 7th place. Austria wins again with Israel and ends at the 9th place.

PICTURES: Israel-Austria - England-Germany - Switzerland-Andorra - Portugal-France - Spain-Italy - Prizing Ceremony
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European U17 Championship Schedule of the 34th European U17 Championship - Final phase
MATCHDAY 6 - Friday, August 29
Time   Match Res Referees Notes
15.00 21 Final 9th/10th place - First leg
Austria - Israel
2-1 U.Dornbierer (Swi), R.Leão (Por).
Table referee P.Almeida (Por).
16.15 22 Semi-final 5th/8th place
Switzerland - England
3-2 A.Veiga (Spa), D.Lowe (Ger).
Table referee R.Fernandez (Spa). 
17.30 23 Semi-final 5th/8th place
Andorra - Germany
2-1 D.Bell (Eng), S.Rizzotti (Fra).
Table referee U.Dornbierer (Swi).
18.45 24 Semi-final 1st/4th place
Spain - Portugal
2-0 G.Andrisani (Ita), X.Bleuzen (Fra).
Table referee D.Lowe (Ger). 
20.00 25 Semi-final 1st/4th place
Italy - France
3-1 P.Almeida (Por), R.Fernandez (Spa).
Table referee A.Veiga (Spa). 
MATCHDAY 7 - Saturday, August 30
Time   Match Res Referees Notes
15.00 26 Final 9th/10th place - Second leg
Israel - Austria
2-4 G.Andrisani (Ita), S.Rizzotti (Fra).
Table referee A.Veiga (Spa).
16.15 27 Final 7th/8th place
England - Germany
2-6 P.Almeida (Por), U.Dornbierer (Swi).
Table referee R.Leão (Por). 
17.30 28 Final 5th/6th place
Switzerland - Andorra
5-3 R.Fernandez (Spa), D.Lowe (Ger).
Table referee X.Bleuzen (Fra).
18.45 29 Final 3rd/4th place
Portugal - France
2-0 D.Bell (Eng), A.Veiga (Spa).
Table referee R.Fernandez (Spa).
20.00 30 Final 1st/2nd place
Spain - Ialy
extra time
R.Leão (Por), X.Bleuzen (Fra).
Table referee P.Almeida (Por). 
21.15   Closing Ceremony


1 gold Italy
2 silver Spain
3 bronze Portugal
4   France
5   Switzerland
6   Andorra
7   Germany
8   England
9   Austria
10   Israel
Gujan Mestras 2014 34° under 17 male European Championship archive Results, standings, video, pictures, official actas and related news of the 30 games of the Championship in one only page. Read more
male u17 european championship Spain-Italy is the Final of the Euro U17 in Gujan Mestras Portugal and France will play for bronze. The golden goal gives victory to Switzerland and Andorra. Both the semifinals for 5°/8° place were decided at the extra time. Austria wins 2-1 the first leg of the 9°/10° final against Israel.

PICTURES: Austria-Israel - Switzerland-England - Andorra-Germany Spain-Portugal - Italia-Francia
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male u17 european championship Spain-Portugal and Italy-France are the semifinals in Gujan Mestras Andorra in group A and England and Germany in group B failed to qualify to semifinals. In Group A Italy defeats Portugal and gets the first place. In Group B France reaches a precious draw with Spain.

PICTURES: Switzerland-Andorra - England-Germany - Italy-Portugal - Spain-France
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Male U17 European Championship Portugal wins against Switzerland and is qualified for the semifinals Andorra overwhelms Austria and gets closer to qualification. Germany defeats Israel and get the provisional 2nd place in Group B. France comeback on England and can still reach the final phase.

PICTURES: Austria-Andorra - Israel-Germany - Portugal-Switzerland - France-England
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male u17 european championship Andorra-Italy ends with a draw and makes the Group A uncertain Germany surrender to Spain only in the few minutes of the game. The swiss team has remounted from the sudden goal of Austria. England has overcomed Israel with a great 2nd half.

PICTURES: Austria vs Switzerland - Israel vs England - Andorra vs Italy - Germany vs Spain
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Male U17 European Championship Every day a surprise in Gujan Mestras: Germany defeats France 1-0 Italy and Portugal continue unbeaten and win against Austria (10-0) and Andorra (5-0). First win for Spain against Israel (10-0).

PICTURES: Italy-Austria - Spain-Israel - Andorra-Portugal - Germany-France
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EUROPEAN U17 CHAMPIONSHIP Portugal, France and Italy wins in the opening day of Gujan Mestras Portugal defeated Austria 9-0, France prevailed over Israel by 7-0 and Italy wins against Switzerland 5-1. The surprising result was the draw between Spain and England.

PICTURES: Portugal-Austria - Spain-England - Italy-Switzerland - France-Israel - Opening Ceremony
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Gujan Mestras 2014 The Cerh will held a seminar for coaches in Gujan Mestras As done in Alcobendas some weeks ago, the Male Sub-17 European Championship will be the right occasion for comparing different ideas on Thursday August 28. Read more
european cups The draw of the European Cups on September 6 Cerh TV will broadcast live the event from Cerh headquarter in Lisbon on Read more
alcobendas 2014 ITALY IS THE NEW EUROPEAN CHAMPION Italy wins again in comeback and finishes unbeaten his European Championship. France fight to the last before giving up. Read more
Alcobendas 2014 51° senior male European Championship archive Results, standings, video, pictures, official actas and related news of the 15 games of the Championship in one only page. Read more
Alcobendas 2014 51° male senior European Championship - Final standing
Italy 13 5 4 1 0 20 13 +7
Spain 11 5 3 2 0 37 13 +24
Portugal 10 5 3 1 1 29 13 +16
Germany 6 5 2 0 3 17 28 -11
France 3 5 1 0 4 10 20 -10
Switzerland 0 5 0 0 5 7 33 -26

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alcobendas 2014 Videos and documentation of the Seminar in Alcobendas Fernando Graça and Carlos Feriche (Welcome and introduction), Guillen Cabestany (Team work), Ricard Muñoz (Planning and team cohesion), Luis Senica (Mini OK CERH project). Read more
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