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U20 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP PULLY 2016 France-Italy and Spain-Portugal are the semifinals in Pully In the quarterfinals, Italy and Portugal got large victories against Germany and Switzerland, while France and Spain suffered against England and Andorra. Read more
European U20 Championship Pully - Official schedule - Final phase
MATCHDAY 4 - Thursday, October 27th
Time   Match Res Referees Media
2.30 PM CET 13 Quarterfinal
France vs England
3-2 M.Guilherme (PT)
F.Fronte (IT)
4.30 PM CET 14 Quarterfinal
Spain - Andorra
3-0 J.Schneider (CH)
S.Jordi (CH)
6.30 PM CET 15 Quarterfinal
Germany - Italy
2-7 X.Bleuzen (FR)
S.Mayor (SP)
8.30 PM CET 16 Quarterfinal
Switzerland - Portugal
0-8 L.Niestroy (DE)
D.Bell (EN)
MATCHDAY 5 - Friday, October 28th
Time   Match Res Referees Notes
2.30 PM CET 17 Semi-final 5th/8th place
England - Germany
4.30 PM CET 18 Semi-final 5th/8th place
Andorra - Switzerland
6.30 PM CET 19 Semi-final 1st/4th place
France - Italy
8.30 PM CET 20 Semi-final 1st/4th place
Spain - Portugal
MATCHDAY 6 - Saturday, October 29th
Time   Match Res Referees Notes
2.30 PM CET 21 Final 7th/8th place
Match 17 loser - Match 18 loser
4.30 PM CET 22 Final 5th/6th place
Match 17 winner - Match 18 winner
6.30 PM CET 23 Final 3rd/4th place
Match 19 loser - Match 20 loser
8.30 PM CET 24 Final 1st/2nd place
Match 19 winner - Match 20 winner
10.00 PM CET   Closing Ceremony


1 Match 24 winner
2 Match 24 loser
3 Match 23 winner
4 Match 23 loser
5 Match 22 winner
6 Match 22 loser
7 Match 21 winner
8 Match 21 loser
U20 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP PULLY 2016 France and Portugal won the groups, quarterfinals defined The U20 European Championship of Pully reached the end of the group stage. France-England, Spain-Andorra, Germany-Italy and Switzerland-Portugal are the quarterfinals. Read more
U20 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP PULLY 2016 Portugal won Italy and proceeds unbeaten, first winnings for France and Spain In group A, the defending champion will play against Andorra for the 1st position. In group B, France and Spain overtook Germany. Read more
U20 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP PULLY 2016 Portugal and Germany leads the groups after the 1st day Only two winnings in the opening day of the Championship: Portugal against England and Germany against Switzerland. Italy-Andorra and France-Spain tied. Read more
Taça Continental Benfica conquista Taça Continental O Benfica venceu o Barcelos, por 9-2, no jogo da segunda mão da Taça Continental. Na Luz, o campeão europeu deu a volta a um resultado negativo, depois do Barcelos, na sua pista, ter vencido por 5-4. Leia mais
Continental Cup 2016
  Match Res Media
8/10/16 1 OC Barcelos (PT) - SL Benfica (PT) 5-4
  Match Res Media
15/10/16 2 SL Benfica (PT) - OC Barcelos (PT) 9-2
continental cup The Continental Cup goes to SL Benfica In the 2nd leg of the final, the Lisbon team overturned the result getting a clear victory by 9-2. For SL Benfica is the 3rd time in this competition. Read more
u20 european championship The 50th U20 European Championship is ready to start in Pully From Monday 24 to Saturday 29, the Swiss city near Losanna will host the last european championship of this year to which eight teams are going to participate. Cerh TV will broadcast every match live. Read more
U17 EURO CHAMPIONSHIP MIERES 2016 Spain is the new U-17 European Champion The home team won an amazing final against Portugal thanks to the golden goal scored by Nil Gamissans. France got the bronze medal. Read more
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